Casper Studio

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Welcome to Casper Studio 

Music Production and Music Lessons.   Learn Fast and Easy 

Our Functions are two: Recording Studio and Music Lessons for Singing, Guitar and Bass.

Aside from being a world class recording studio we also offer music lessons free to try.  Yes your first session with us is absolutely free, whether it's music lesson or recording session. Absolutely free to try so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Located in the west-island recording facility for all style of music. In addition to engineering and music production for musicians, we also provide mixing and mastering services, voice over recording, come in our studio try it. It is our passion to make the best quality recordings at an affordable cost. We take pride in creating a comfortable stress free environment where creativity can thrive and flourish. With a wide variety of both analogue and digital equipment, as well as a very experienced engineer and producer, we all have the tools needed to create harmonic bliss. 

The recording tools we have has been assembled over the course of several years to create sound recordings that are both soulful and modern, warm yet immediate. Recognizing these dueling characteristics in recording gear and developing a process that brings out the right amount of each ingredient is part of the passion and ethos of Threshold. A very tasteful and yet still exciting sound is what it is all about. To achieve this motif, Our Recording Studio employs Pro tools recording software , and also houses some of the best outboard compressors, equalizers, effects and reverbs created over the past four decades. These iconic pieces are seamlessly integrated into the professional studio standard system to offer complete control over great tones, sounds and ideas.

Combining the highest standards in acoustic architecture with distinctive design character, our aims is to provide a creative environment for artists, writers and producers, celebrating the joy and work of making music.   We have the perfect place for you whether you’re a band recording instruments from scratch or a solo artist laying down vocals on pre-recorded music. We offer music recording, editing, mixing and digital mastering services in West Island. Our recording environment is comfortable and fully treated to capture the best sound. During the mix stage of your tracks, we like to make sure we’re creating your own unique sound, and so we don’t just crowd up your tracks with unnecessary effects, but we always make sure we use the right recording tools to make it sound exactly the way you want it to.

Contact:  Casper - (514) 291-8540

Address: 4354 - Rue Du Chateau

                  Pierrefonds, Quebec

                  H9H 2K9